Our History


The Innovation Award is presented annually and recognises the work of Centres using imaginative and exciting techniques in the marketing and staging of events. 

Nominations close 1 September. Click here for the application form

Bray Challenge Trophy


Previous Winners:

2012 Canterbury/West Coast Centre. “Dancing rings around Mother Nature” in Christchurch. NZ Championship Weekend.
2011 Scottish Society of NZ & Canterbury Caledonian Society Saturday morning Highland & National Dancing classes
2010 "Summer Fling" - Christchurch Balmoral Teachers & Judges
2009 Virginia International Tattoo 2009 Tour Team
2008 Centennial Celebrations AGM & Dinner - Otago Centre
2007 Christchurch Balmoral Teachers & Judges Group
2006 not awarded
2005 Virginia International Tattoo Dancers
2004 NZ Gathering April - Christchurch
2003 Launch NZ Tartan - Frank McKinnon
2002 Tattoo Dancers Edinburgh
2001 Scottish Dancing Experience, Strathmore
2000 Edinburgh Tattoo Wgtn. NZ Dancers
1999 Fling to Success (Averil Bray)
1998 Visual History CWC
1997 New Plymouth Summer School