New venues for Queen's Birthday Championships


Otago Centre is excited to announce that it has secured 2 new venues for its Queen's Birthday Championships.

Highland Dancing will be held at the Kings and Queens Performing Arts Centre. It is a state of the art theater with a high quality stage - prefect for a practice run before New Zealand's. It has taken excellent negotiation by members of Otago Centre to secure this venue as the school was deeply concerned about irish jig shoes. As a result we have promised that all jig shoes will be without lose plates or nails. Please help us by ensuring your shoes are in tip top condition.

Solo Piping will be held at John McGlashan College. John McGlashan has a long history of supporting piping in Dunedin and have been extremely welcoming of having our championships in their new Edgar Learning Centre. Local piping teachers and PDANZ piping convenor Greg Wilson have inspected the venue and are positive about its suitability.

This year the University of Otago is celebrating its 150th anniversary. They have planned major celebrations on Queen's Birthday and we are hearing on the grape vine that accommodation is starting to book up. This is why we are getting this information out now - schedules will be soon. We don't want anyone to miss out.